The Spring 2020 issue of Food & Dining Magazine has landed, so pick up a copy and read our words.


The new quarterly issue of Food & Dining Magazine is out, and for those just tuning in, a reminder that it has been a pleasure to assume the duties of Digital Editor at the publication.

Since last July, I’ve penned most of the daily web site posts. It’s an ongoing learning experience for me and I appreciate the opportunity.

Now for the Spring 2020 (March/April/May) edition. Hard copies (they’re advertising-driven and completely free to you, the reader) should be in their usual locations — there’s a big stack at Pints&union) — and my colleague Jon Larmee has links to the on-line articles at issuu: Our Spring 2020 issue of Food & Dining Magazine is now available on newsstands and online!

In the coming weeks these articles and columns will appear at the Food & Dining Magazine web site on Saturdays.

I’m actually glad to have been given only one assignment this time around, because it was a bear … and perhaps the most rewarding process I’ve experienced since taking on longer-form features and profiles. SOU! is the real deal, and you owe it to yourself to give them a try.

PROFILE | SOU! Southern Kitchen & Bar

Over the course of his 25-year career, Chef James Moran has become known among insiders as a Chef’s Chef. Now, with business partner Ashley Sayler, his restaurant SOU! is wowing Louisville diners.

One other suggestion, as it would be remiss of me not to make note of Sara Havens’ “comeback” column.

BAR BELLE | The Return of the Bar Belle

For over a decade, Sara Havens has been offering wise and witty commentary on the Louisville bar scene. Now she joins F&D — with a pub crawl primer.

Since Insider Louisville folded, Sara has been working in public relations for Mint Julep Experiences. It’s great having her back again as the Bar Belle.