You’ll be tested: GREEN MOUSE presents NAWBANY WEEK IN REVIEW for 6 March 2020.


Here’s the thing about jokes: it helps when they’re actually funny.

But enough about Uncle Joe. In fact, the two most popular posts of the week were about politics. In the top slot was a fond goodbye to Pete Buttigieg.

Good riddance, Mayor Pete. Let’s celebrate with Buttigieg’s high school essay praising Bernie Sanders.

Of course Super Tuesday proved to be a cinematic train wreck called “The DNC Dim-pire Strikes Back,” and seeing as I don’t much care for dystopian epics in fiction because they seldom compare to reality, I was compelled to seek solace in liquid form.

We can depend on the DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party establishment, because it ALWAYS lets us down — both near and far, and speaking of closer to my home, it’s only March and already Squire Adam has egg dripping from his face.

Madam, I’m Adam: Local Dem’s latest revolving door candidate for District 72 House makes the news.

Perhaps this is an opportune juncture to remind readers that counterpoint is welcome at NAC. No anonymous submissions, please. I’ll publish your viewpoint straight up, without commentary of my own. Leave the memes behind, and let’s chat.

Meanwhile Mayor Jeff Gahan had a productive week. We looked on reprovingly as Deaf went shopping for state of the art, water-closet-powered timekeeping technology …

ROGER’S DIARY OF THE END TIMES: Nawbany is losing the Toilet Race to the Japanese.

  … then found himself in the uncharacteristically supine posture of keeping his boastfulness tethered in the lordly presence of Dr. Tom.

COVID 19, HIZZONER 1: If Gahan’s willing to meet with COUNTY officials, the pandemic panic’s already started.

This week’s column was about high school daze.

ON THE AVENUES: I’ve got the spirit, but lose the feeling.

I’d already selected the title (a Joy Division lyric), then found myself enduring yet another flashback from the 1970s — although this one’s from chorale, and thus actually a pleasant memory.

Substitute the word “drink” for “pray,” and you’ll understand my current worshipful posture.