GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Has Bob Lane settled his lawsuit against NAHA for wrongful termination?


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The grapevine is abuzz with hot rumors that the wrongfully terminated Bob Lane, former head of the New Albany Housing Authority, reportedly has accepted a six-figure settlement from Deaf Gahan’s minions, such as to keep Lane’s lawsuit against the city from going to court.

Yes, we know: any such settlement will be couched in carefully worded legalese to the effect that Gahan’s sycophants aren’t admitting to guilt, and merely wish to put the lawsuit to rest so we can all move forward, etc, etc … whatever.

Those of us outside the Kool Aid Tent can still see the truth quite clearly; Gahan and the goons remain sufficiently crooked that each of them requires two daily helpers just to get their pants screwed on right.

Congratulations to Bob Lane. He’s a far better person than his vacuous oppressors.


Bob Lane will serve as interim director of the South Bend Housing Authority, making Jeff Gahan’s dismissal of Lane even more questionable.

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