Seeking re-election, county councilman Dale Bagshaw won’t accept campaign donations from PACS, special interests or those doing business with Floyd County.


Just a few days ago we spied a healthy phenomenon.

Ryan Fenwick (Louisville) and Nick Vaughn (Floyd County) reject developer, contractor and special interest campaign donations. Shouldn’t this be a trend, Jeffrey?

Bravo to Dale Bagshaw for this expression of principle. Let’s hope more candidates in the 2020 local election cycle do the same. Maybe even Democrats

As most know, I am running for re-election to the Floyd County Council. The council is the fiscal body of the county and as such is solely responsible for allocating and appropriating funds spent in the county. The council does not negotiate contracts, and is not responsible for roads/bridges or zoning issues. That’s what the county commissioners are responsible for.

However, in the spirit of transparency and accountability: I have never, nor will I, accept donations this election from pacs, special interests, or those doing business with the county. I will instead accept donations from individuals and entities that believe in small fiscally conservative government, as I do.

Respectfully, Dale Bagshaw