BEER WITH A SOCIALIST: Self-pour is a self-evidently poor way to sustain the magic of beer.


I weary of retail “innovation” that exists primarily to produce spewing ad copy mumbo-jumbo about serving the needs of customers, but is designed to boost profits and eliminate human beings from situations of interaction.

Even if you drink alone because you prefer to be by yourself, it’s sad to imagine you’d be serving yourself.

What the hell are people thinking? Beer is something robots can’t drink. “Self-pour” is a bean counter’s masturbatory delight, but learning about beer from staffers is the ideal.

And don’t get me started about the breathlessness of this writer. People are frustrated at waiting a couple minutes to flag down a busy server?

Are we all infants, begging to be coddled?

BEER YOURSELF: Why the self-pour beer revolution is here to stay, by Samantha Lefave (MIC)
Feb 28, 2018

Forget BYOB. Instead, PYOB — pour your own beer — is the new term in town. And those who have suffered through the frustration of flagging down a busy bartender for a simple draft pour have many reasons to get excited about this brewing trend.