The final business day for Destinations Booksellers is Saturday, February 1. Go there and buy books.


The store closing clearance has entered its final two days.

OK, folks. This is it. Ann and I will have the store open Friday and Saturday, and then that’s it. We still have an ample collection of great books in all genres, fiction and non, children’s and adult. Come say good-bye, bring your own bags, and haul off some great bargains. Classics, award-winners, Randy’s favorites, etc. If you have a favorite author, come see what we have that you’ve missed (Wendell Berry, Stephen White, Tim Dorsey, Robert Caro, etc.). These books deserve a good home.

Destinations Booksellers opened in 2004.

Turn the page: Destinations Booksellers is closing after 15 years at 604 E. Spring St.

There’ll be a new tenant in the building, but not a bookstore.