GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Not so fast on Form G’s Centenary church PR vaporware.


The Green Mouse enjoys learning new words.

Software or hardware that has been advertised but is not yet available to buy, either because it is only a concept or because it is still being written or designed.

This morning there was a triumphant announcement at the Jeffersonville newspaper.

New residential project in the works at former New Albany church, by John Boyle (News&Bune)

NEW ALBANY — To join the several new amenities recently popping up in downtown, New Albany will soon become home to another major residential project.

The site is a familiar one in the city grid. For nearly two centuries, Centenary United Methodist Church played a role in the faiths of many in the area.

Now that the congregation has moved, the idle building will see new life as an apartment complex. Representatives of Form G, the development company behind the project, said the company has been trying to invest in downtown New Albany for “quite some time,” and is excited to finally have the opportunity to do so.

“This property came up, and it’d been sitting for a while on the market, about a year or so,” president and CEO Eric Goodman said. “Once we got into the details of the historical and preservation components of it, we realized that we could make it a project.”

But the Green Mouse has learned that it’s probably all vaporware. He believes Form G’s option to purchase Centenary expired in December (it may have been renewed as non-refundable payment toward the purchase price) with no offer having been made.

According to Elevate, the church property has not changed hands.

And what does Form G’s “G” stand for, anyway? The Mouse says: “Gahan.” As noted in this post from November 14, 2019, some of Form G’s principals have been priming the mayoral pump for the inevitable municipal incentives.

Maybe they should buy the property first?

That’s generally how it’s done in capitalism, right?

Pay first, propagandize later?

GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Vacant Centenary United Methodist buildings to renovated into market rate apartments by a Gahan campaign donor.

The Green Mouse reports that the vacated Centenary United Methodist Church property at 309 E. Spring Street is slated for reuse as multi-family residential (specifically, market rate apartments).

The mouse was told the permitting process is underway but not yet completed.

Among the improvements slated for completion by the contractor, Form G Companies LLC (Jeffersonville):

  • Interior renovations to convert vacant space into apartments
  • Window replacement
  • Painting of exterior brick
  • Adding architectural details
  • Ingress/egress “improvements” 
  • Parking lot repair (recoating, restriping)

Interestingly available real estate records show no change in ownership of the property.

And now for the Jeopardy! answer in the popular category Pay to Play:

“Form G Companies became one in 2019.”

Alex, what is a first-time Gahan campaign finance donor?

Does anyone know whether Form G still intends to purchase the property? And why hasn’t the word “luxury” been attached to the project? It’s Big Daddy G’s favorite concept, after all.

Disclosure: This post complies with the parameters of Roger’s sabbatical from local political involvement, having required fewer than 30 minutes to write.