Turn the page: Destinations Booksellers is closing after 15 years at 604 E. Spring St.


This just came over the Facebook wire. I’ve spoken with Randy Smith, and he gives permission to reprint his comments on social media. 

Good-bye, New Albany. We’re closing the store in the next 3-4 weeks. With very limited exceptions, every book is on sale for from 50% to 90% off. All equipment, including shelving, cases, racks, and all kitchen equipment is also for sale.

Before we came here, New Albany had been without a full-service general new books store since 1947. After nearly 16 years, it’s time to say “so long.”

CONSIGNED BOOKS: We still have books here that were consigned by authors and I don’t have the authority to discount these. If you are an author who has consigned books to Destinations Booksellers, please come and claim your books within the next 3 weeks or email us with instructions for disposal or return. I will try to contact each of you, but it will be your responsibility to reclaim your inventory.

What can you do? Please stop by to say good-bye if you can. We have an amazing collection of great books. I selected them all and they can be yours at incredible prices. If you or your organization need shelving, we can fix you up. If you need tables, chairs, shelves, racks, kitchen utensils and equipment, and more, this will be a great month to get them.

Ann and I were happy to bring this store to New Albany. I want to extend my thanks first to her for supporting the store. Next, I want to thank the 40 or so employees who maintained our levels of service over the years. Shout-outs to Sophie Riggs and Andy Terrell, who were true MVPs. Finally, I wish to express my great appreciation to our patrons. You truly were PATRONS in the sense that you believed it was important to have a locally owned bookstore and that you continued to rely on us to serve you.

Although we’re leaving our bricks-and-mortar store after 16 years, we are exploring options to maintain a bookstore in New Albany. It won’t be at 604 E. Spring Street, but there are some ideas that have been suggested. A few years ago, we conducted a pilot co-op program for a members-only operation that, though small, went quite well. If we were to expand that to scale, Destinations might go on without a showroom. Maybe. And if there’s someone (or someones) with a dream of owning a bookstore, we can explore the possibilities of transferring some of our assets and accounts to help fulfill your dream.

I sincerely believe that one of the measures of a city is the existence of a locally-owned bookstore. It is with true regret that we won’t be able to maintain this resource for our community. You should all be commended for supporting us as long as you did and we will join you in lamenting the loss of the resource. After all, we need a bookstore as much as you do. Nonetheless, we thank you for the support you did lend to our little store. It was nice while we had it, wasn’t it?

The location will not be vacant. There’s a new tenant coming that I think you’ll all be thrilled about. It’s an established New Albany business that will be taking over the lease and transforming this part of downtown. Watch for news coming later.

If you’re an institutional customer (organizations that typically buy from us once a year), get in touch. We can, if you want, continue to help you with those bulk purchases.

We’ll still be available for book orders over the next few weeks, but if you’re interested in these on-sale books and equipment, please just stop by; that is, don’t call, come in. Email us at destinationsbooksellers@gmail.com, if you just want to message us. We won’t be responding to Facebook Messenger. Just use the email or come by.