UPDATED: Just out of curiosity, at the final city council meeting of 2019 …


It seems odd. What exactly happened with Dan Coffey? At the final council meeting of 2019, new 1st district representative Jennie Collier was already seated, while election losers David Barksdale and Matt Nash were present, not winners Jason Applegate and Joshua Turner. Is it a special exception of sorts when a council person has, in effect, retired?

I genuinely don’t know the answer, so when it comes, it will be appended here.

10:45 a.m. update, courtesy of former 5th district councilman Matt Nash: Dan Coffey, who was not running for re-election to council, moved from the 1st district some time last summer and resigned in early December. Jennie Collier (1st district council woman-elect) was caucused in by the Democratc Party, which won the seat in 2015 when Coffey still considered himself a Democrat.