Follow the Auschwitz Memorial page at Twitter and root yourself in reality.


A disturbing number of my fellow Amerikaners have decided the Holocaust didn’t occur. Stupidity or ignorance? Either way, dipshittedness of this magnitude is just about as unimaginable as the fact of the atrocity itself.

A few weeks back I saw that the Auschwitz Memorial page at Twitter is seeking to add followers in the run-up to the 75th anniversary of the death camp’s liberation in January.

The material posted by Auschwitz Memorial on a daily basis at Twitter isn’t easy or pleasant reading. It’s just essential to being a responsible and responsive human being.

If you are of the tweeting persuasion, go there and give them a follow. There is a Facebook page as well. The web site is here.

Should you be one of the deniers, you’re advised to examine your own life with care and precision; if we happen to be acquainted, then get the hell out of my life until yours is placed in the context of reality.

Thank you.