Let’s go Twittering and observe how Jeff Gahan and Mike Moore differ in their seasonal greeting approaches.


Festivus is ongoing.

It’s widely understood that the cities of New Albany and Jeffersonville outsource their social media feeds to an autonomous contractor, ProMedia.

The exact amounts of their expenditure remains hidden, but wouldn’t you like to know how much daily propaganda actually costs these days?

This said, observe the appearance on Twitter of holiday glad-handing by the two cities. The posts appeared one minute apart. In New Albany, Jeff Gahan can’t say “happy holidays” often enough.

Happy TIF Zones!

Meanwhile in Jeffersonville, Mike Moore apparently has zero diversity enhancement f*cks to give, and instead grows straight for the Christian jugular.

I thought it might be instructive to take a look at Charlestown’s feed at Twitter.

That’s right. The most recent post was October 18. Did Bob Hall take the password with him as he was clearing out his desk?