Defending the barely defensible, or when a “chorus of opinions” translates into Christianity alone.


Amid the editor’s recitation of “a lot of voices,” I see no mention of the two weekly Christian religion columnists, Tom May and Nancy Kennedy, who have been running in the pages of the Jeffersonville newspaper for quite some time now.

May gets an additional “general interest” column placement, which often hints at the religious point of view. It’s difficult to accept exculpatory pleas of “a lot of voices” when one guy gets two shots.

ON THE AVENUES: Welcome to “Pagan Life,” a weekly column devoted to heathens, infidels, idolaters, atheists, non-theists, irreligious people, agnostics, skeptics, heretics and apostates.

If in fact the object of the local chain newspaper’s guest column strategy is to offer a diversity of opinion, when does this noble goal extend to the practice of religion?

After all, there are a good many more religious perspectives than Christianity alone, as well as the equally compelling points of view afforded by those with no religious orientation whatever.

But wait.

I’ve just now searched the newspaper’s cluttered on-line portal and see that no religion columns have appeared there since October. Are they still running in the print copies, obscured by the shadow of your parakeet?

Could it be my prayers have been answered? I doubt it, but a skeptic can dream, and as he does, note also the absence of African American and Latino voices from the roster.

DUNCAN COLUMN: A chorus of opinions, by Susan Duncan (Mostly Jeffersonville News and Tribune)

 … Back to our former reader. She wrote in her letter, “There is only one Author that writes for you that is worth reading and that is Lindon Dodd.”

Well, I like Lindon’s writing, too. He can be funny, thoughtful, irreverent and more. But I believe many of our other columnists — likely she’s referencing them, as opposed to reporters who also write — have merit and are worth your time to read.

Chris Morris’ writing is replete with homespun Southern Indiana charm. Erin Thompson adds her savvy mom perspective. Terry Stawar entertains and educates. Barb Anderson challenges us to be our better selves. Amanda Beam brings both spunk and heart to her tales. Terry Cummins weaves a lesson or two into each column. Newcomer Mike Matthews brings us together. The descriptions from another Mike, Lunsford, make everyday happenings relatable. So, too, are the musings of Tom May from his view in the Catbird Seat. And we occasionally run columns by Mark Bennett, who gets to the heart of what’s important in life.

We also publish guest columns from current and former elected officials, including U.S. Sen. Todd Young, U.S. Rep. Trey Hollingsworth, and Congressman Lee Hamilton. Two of those men are Republicans, and when Democrat Hamilton was in the U.S. House, he reached across the aisle so much he created a bridge for comprise.

Other periodic columnists include Leo Morris, John Krull, Mary Beth Schneider, Shane Phipps, Bill Ketter, Kelly Hawes and Brian Howey, all more politically oriented with a statewide or national focus. Why? They add variety and cause us to evaluate our own opinions on the issues before us.

That’s a lot of voices. I add my own to the chorus sometimes, tackling issues or encouraging more intentional living …