An anchor-free public art tale of two dragons, in New Albany and far away to the east of Silver Creek.


Back in mid-November, the Green Mouse indulged in (partially founded) speculation.

GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Is this the next public art installation in New Albany?

While we were away, a pet dragon appeared at the office of Halo Applications at 1931 East Spring Street. Jim Sprigler explained it to me.

Credit to the artists that built him for a Halloween prop that didn’t have the heart to dismantle him for parts for next year’s piece, Julie Schweizer (Art Seed) for seeing their Facebook post and passing along their contact info, and my dad and his friend for hauling it over here.

Public art without Dear Leader’s direct inspiration and wheel-greasing? Say it ain’t so, and big thanks to Jim, Julie and everyone else who are thinking outside New Albany’s traditional boxes.

Meanwhile we returned from a city where dragons have been part of the public landscape for many a year.

Dragon symbols have thus been present in Ljubljana since ancient times. The dragon was originally present on the medieval coat of arms as a decoration, but later assumed a more central position. From its initial portrayal as a monster, the dragon gradually transformed into a symbolic protector of the city, embodying power, courage and wisdom.

Ljubljana gets dragons and we are given anchors.

Advantage: Slovenia.