Steinert’s redevelopment fix tops an abbreviated Top Five most-read posts for November, 2019.


The timing of our trip to Europe, coupled with post-election regrouping and an accompanying contemplation regarding a possible move to anywhere in the fucking world except doltish New Gahania, suggests a quick compilation of top posts in November.

First, an honorable mention.

All hail the victorious drinkers of Gahan’s Kool-Aid BUT let the record show that the pirate bested the copperhead.

And here they are, in ascending order.



GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Is this the next public art installation in New Albany?

(December 7 update: I’m told it is. Follow-up coming)


Indiana mayor, a Democrat, is arrested after an FBI investigation.

Did I mention the mayor in question is Dennis Tyler, the mayor of Muncie?

For all of those who have ever asked why some of us pose the questions we do, Muncie is the reason.

What’s happening in Muncie could happen in any city in the state. All the potential moving parts for malfeasance are there, defined in terms of business as usual, behind the scenes and out of view; there’s lots of money, and precious little transparency.

This is why a municipal habit of ignoring and obfuscating public information requests is worrisome.

Someone in Muncie wouldn’t let it go, and the feds got involved.

Were it so, just a little bit closer to home.


But wait — I thought there aren’t any homeless people in NA, much less a need to feed them.


Reader differs with Team Gahan: “They’re disrespectful of other peoples’ time, dismissive, arrogant and secretive.”

“I’ve also worked with other city administrations as a freelancer and it’s easy to compare how others do it with TRANSPARENCY, versus how the Gahan team goes about things. We don’t have the benefit of TRANSPARENCY, FAIRNESS, or RESPECT in our current administration, and I think we deserve better.”


The Tell-Tale Fart: This peachy “apartments at Steinert’s” project may seem to be free-market capitalism, but the deal’s a lot more tangled than it first appeared.

Our Shopping Cart Napoleon already had this Steinert’s fix quite firmly into place. Before linking to the local chain newspaper’s story, let’s have a look at the interconnected participants.

Here’s Vitor Bueno.