Local DemoDisneyDixiecrats appalled as “Bernie Sanders and AOC Unveil a Green New Deal for Public Housing.”


Half of Jeff Gahan’s enthusiasts in the Floyd County DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party are horrified by this idea because they agree with Dear Leader that the best solution to the public housing problem is to run the residents out of town.

The other half are scandalized because this is radicalism run amok, and can’t we just be clean safe centrists — you know, avoid insulting the 1%?

Let’s see a show of hands: who’s a left-winger, or are you all just a slightly less vivid shade of Republican?

Bernie Sanders and AOC Unveil a Green New Deal for Public Housing, by Kriston Capps (CityLab)

The Green New Deal for Public Housing Act would commit up to $180 billion over a decade to upgrading 1.2 million federally owned homes.

Socialist Democrats are pushing the progressive envelope with a new iteration of Green New Deal legislation this week, this time with a focus on public housing …

 … The bill is an effort to bag two birds with one stone. America’s public housing portfolio is in a shambles, with deferred maintenance costs nationwide running into the billions. The bill introduced by AOC and Sanders would bring that backlog up to date while also reducing the energy consumption from this aging housing stock.