The most inevitable headline in all recorded history: “Coffey disputes New Albany mayoral vote totals.”


We may never see another council representative as dependably entertaining as Dan Coffey.

Whether folks view this as good or bad largely depends on their tolerance to pain.

Coffey disputes New Albany mayoral vote totals, by Chris Morris (Tom May Sermon Coagulator)

NEW ALBANY — New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan won a third term last week by 1,224 votes over his nearest opponent. But one candidate for the same office, independent Dan Coffey, said he believes some of the votes Gahan received were intended for him or Republican challenger Mark Seabrook.

Coffey said many voters had issues with the touch screen machines …


“With the large turnout I’m not sure that I would have won. I do know we should have carried between 1,500 and 2,000 votes,” he said. “With the machine taking votes from me and giving these same votes to one candidate, it would have altered the election results.”