Kurt Vonnegut: “There is no shortage of wonderful writers. What we lack is a dependable mass of readers.”


Maybe first I should learn how to type.

Meanwhile, Kurt Vonnegut is my favorite Hoosier — Vonnegut and maybe Hoagy Carmichael. Dark or black humor was a Vonnegut trademark, and I intend to bear this in mind as New Gahania lurches forward into the next four years of payola and arrogance.

We’ll be compelled to laugh, a lot — and hope for deliverance from the indictments.

Kurt Vonnegut on Making a Living as a Writer, by Kurt Vonnegut and Suzanne McConnell (The Nation)

You probably won’t have to endure the downsides of fame and fortune. But you can emulate the upsides.

… Joseph Shipley, an Indianapolis native, related this anecdote as I was assisting the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library table at the Brooklyn Book Festival one recent September. As a sophomore in high school, just after reading Cat’s Cradle and Slaughterhouse-Five, he passed Kurt Vonnegut himself on the street one fall day in downtown Indianapolis.

“I know you!” Joe blurted.

“No, you don’t,” Kurt replied.