My “Year in Music” scored well in September and October.


As noted previously, and speaking as a stubborn refusenik when it comes to playlists and non-album-oriented modernity, there has been a great change in procedures during 2019. Finally I’ve acquiesced to streaming, most often experienced via a nice pair of noise-blocking headphones. My CD purchases are perhaps 25% of what they were before, limited to what I enjoy the most.

September and October were excellent new music months. Most of the following were released during this two month period, although a few came from earlier in the year. Among these, new albums by Foals, Fastball and The Hold Steady stand an excellent chance of being ranked in the top five at year’s end. They’re in no particular order, and as usual I’ve linked to representative reviews from a variety of sources.

Foals … Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 2)

Temples … Hot Motion

Down N Outz … This Is How We Roll

The New Pornographers … In the Morse Code of Brake Lights

Fastball … The Help Machine

Elbow … Giants of All Sizes

Keane … Cause and Effect

The Hold Steady … Thrashing Thru the Passion

Ride … This Is Not A Safe Place

Fontaines DC … Dogrel

Liam Gallagher … Why Me? Why Not.

And a few other recent musical links:

Begin your sunny Harvest Homecoming Saturday with Sardinian throat singing.

Know about Robert Johnson: “ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads.”

My really good excuse for not writing a column this week.