David White’s endorsement of Mark Seabrook wins the Top Ten post review for October.


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Otherwise your only choice would be the Jeffersonville News and Tom May’s Evangel-bune, and that’s a fate almost as unrewarding as insipid light beer consumption. In fact, judging from the strong numbers for posts about local politics, there is considerable interest in the topic that the local chain newspaper simply refuses to serve.

As Bluegill noted just the other day:

Another story of a Gahan administration refusal to provide public information to the public. This was pretty early in Gahan’s tenure. Nothing has changed and refusals are ongoing regardless of who asks or how much money is involved. The News and Tribune has been aware of these refusals for years on end but never bothered to report the behavior. Now that a formal lawsuit has been filed, though, they give Gahan whatever column inches he needs to claim the suit is just an election year stunt – something the News and Tribune has long known isn’t true. An actual newspaper doing its job would’ve demanded information for years, accurately reported the refusals, and likely filed their own suit. This is front page news that the “newspaper” simply chose to ignore in favor of ongoing advertising dollars.

Yep. Sad but true.

October was a fine month by the numbers. Following are five honorable mentions, followed by the top ten posts.

Last month: Gahan’s ineptly reinstalled “fork on the sidewalk hidden by cars” leads September’s Top Ten at NA Confidential.



Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast 2019: “That is one hell of a big tent right there!”


Gahan can’t even tell the truth about Warro the K-9 dog’s tenure. Seems a desperate Slick Jeffie will say ANYTHING to get re-elected.


In a mounting sign of desperation, Gahan and the DemoDisneyDixiecrats are going full-tilt negative slimeball against Mark Seabrook.

Read about Tricky’s latest Goebbels moment, right here — and don’t forget that at least one DemoDisneyDixiecratic council candidate has told the truth this campaign season.

Jason is said to be a close friend of Seabrook’s. I wonder how he feels about his party’s decision to plunge to rock bottom with negative campaigning?


These 30 free-spending special interest donors top Jeff Gahan’s 2019 pay-to-play campaign finance windfall of $150,000 (so far).


Election 2019: The buying and selling of a city, or our updated master list of 73 Gahan wheel-greasers, a veritable pornographic potpourri of pay-to-play.

We’ve been plumbing the depths revealed by almost nine full years of the Committee to Elect Gahan’s CFA-4 campaign finance reports, and I’m happy to announce that my gag reflex has been tamed by the sheer numbness of repetition — and gin.

Let’s repeat some numbers.

2011: $56,515
2012: $16,575
2013: $30,350
2014: $58,795
2015: $103,532
2016: $51,799
2017: $56,225
2018: $64,250
2019: $147,739 (first three quarters)

Total: $585,780



Gahan predictably AWOL from Sherman Minton repair meeting as Republicans seek to avoid a total bridge closure.


PINTS & UNION PORTFOLIO: Kind words at my workplace, and I’m touched.

It was a fine Guinness pour on my part, and I’m reminded that it’s time to lose thirty pounds; a few too many chins, but I’m almost 60, and nowadays my primary vice seems to be gluttony, not drunkenness. Anyway, Cassie gave me advance notice of my turn as subject of the employee profile, and she did a fantastic job with it. It hasn’t always been easy finding my footing these past four years, but verily, it’s getting better all the time.


ON THE AVENUES: In which Team Gahan’s looming appointment with unemployment is examined.

Against this backdrop we see that Gahan dropped 1,000 votes between 2011 and 2015, then hemorrhaged another 300 in the 2019 primary. Some of these departing voters succumbed to low-turnout indifference. Others sided with David White during his two Democratic Party primary insurgencies and did not return in the fall. Some died; some moved.

Some may have found a different religion. Others want to know when they can vote for Trump again. Conversely, perhaps getting to know Gahan better isn’t a tremendously positive experience.


The curious question of 3rd district candidate Alex Bilbrey’s yard signs.

It’s hard to imagine Bilbrey (R) breaking 40% of the vote in the 3rd council district against two-term incumbent Phipps (D); after all, the 3rd district is to pretend-progressive Kool Aid as Porto is to vintage port wine, and Bilbrey — who registered to run at the last possible minute without the knowledge of his party’s chairman — has been all but invisible for the entirety of 2019.

Except for yard signs.


CFA-4 Follies: OMG, just look at Gahan’s huge pile of special interest donor cash flowing to out-of-towners.

So far in 2019, Jeff Gahan has raised $147,000 (on top of roughly $128,000 cash on hand) and spent $204,800 to remain mayor.

$140,000 of these expenditures has gone to companies and individuals outside New Albany’s city limits.

That’s 68%.


Time erases: Signs, signs, everywhere signs; some coming, some going.

Quite a few of us always will love Chef Israel Landin and his food, and we enjoyed his ill-fated previous restaurant, La Rosita’s, but isn’t it pleasant at long last to see the old sign gone, the building being painted and a business (RecBar 812) coming close to occupying it? Next up: That annoyingly permanent Preston’s signage, always a decaying reminder of the store’s demise eight years ago.


Homelessness, 8th Street Pizza’s move, Clean Socks Hope’s mission and an addendum by Exit 0.

Interestingly, this is one of those infrequent times when food and social issues actively collide, because to put it bluntly, City Hall’s stance on homelessness is as clear as alluvial mud — not at all clean like white socks. Ronald Reagan famously avoided saying the word “AIDS” aloud; Jeff Gahan’s bugaboo is the word “homelessness,” as he doesn’t communicate well and as a suburbanite generally avoids topics he finds personally distasteful.


River Run Family Water Park: Why won’t the city of New Albany comply with the law and grant Randy Smith’s public records request to view the financials?

NAC: Do you think River Run is losing money?

RS: That’s actually beside the point. The city’s water recreation facility probably loses money — a lot of money. That’s OK. Elected officials can choose to lose money to provide a wading pool, splash pads, waterslides, and a “lazy river.” Those of us who thought the “pool” was a poor use of borrowed money can but criticize it now.

But, we are entitled to see the numbers.


Hull & High Water is winding down, so go over there and say goodbye.

As I reported earlier at Food & Dining Magazine, Hull & High Water is winding down. Owner Eric Morris made the announcement earlier today at Facebook.


Democrat David White: “I am asking ALL the people who have supported me over the years to help Mark Seabrook put People First!”

In our country’s current political climate, we have seen so many being marginalized. I find it important now more than ever to stand on the right side of history, even if it means standing alone.

After much thought and prayer, I have decided to endorse Mark Seabrook for mayor of New Albany. Mark clearly understands and shares my passion and vision for the future of our city. I am asking ALL the people who have supported me over the years to help Mark put People First!

Your participation in this election cycle is supremely important and every single vote will matter.