Reader differs with Team Gahan: “They’re disrespectful of other peoples’ time, dismissive, arrogant and secretive.”


Posted at Facebook by my friend Diane. Short, sweet … deadly accurate. Consider looking behind the bright, shiny facades to what’s really happening.

“Here’s a fun fact: For a couple of years I worked with the Gahan administration as a freelancer handling the social media for the City. I got to see how they made the sausage, and my opinions of Gahan’s administration are based upon those years of watching how they do things and how they treat people – even people who are trying to work with them to make them look good. Due solely to how difficult they made it to work with them, I fired them as a client. 

“I have nothing against Jeff or his family, personally. I graduated with Susie – and she’s a sweetheart. I also did positive stories on their kids when I handled the social media for NAFCS. I just don’t like how Gahan and his team deal with people. They’re disrespectful of other peoples’ time, dismissive, arrogant and secretive.

“I also don’t like how they deal with taxpayer money, now that I live in town and have become a stakeholder. I have a background in construction so I know all about TIF funds. We’re being railroaded there, but of course, our “budget is balanced”. Uh-huh. 

“I’ve also worked with other city administrations as a freelancer and it’s easy to compare how others do it with TRANSPARENCY, versus how the Gahan team goes about things. We don’t have the benefit of TRANSPARENCY, FAIRNESS, or RESPECT in our current administration, and I think we deserve better. 

“So – I’m saying so in any forum that will have me, up to and including speaking with neighbors, friends, and this FB group. My only agenda is to have a Mayor we can trust with our money, who doesn’t rely on no-bid contracts with out-of-town contractors who work with the city, who doesn’t hire unqualified relatives for city positions, who doesn’t fire city employees who have his opponents signs in their yards, who doesn’t spend taxpayer money plastering his mug on grocery cart signs, and who can hold his own when confronted with tough questions from citizens, rather than instruct them to send them to him ‘in an email’. I’m ready for a change.” 

— D. Williamson