BEER WITH A SOCIALIST: Flat12 becomes Rad, and I become confused.


Is Rad a power move, or more like the dulcet tones of a shark being jumped?

Only time will tell.

My first reaction: “But wait, it isn’t April 1 yet.”

There have been many recent changes at Flat12 Bierwerks, and I don’t know any of the people involved these days, which makes it easier to be fair and balanced.

My primary interest is how the maneuverings in Indianapolis translate to the mostly detached Flat12-themed outpost in Jeffersonville.

Back in January, I tried to unravel an increasingly opaque situation.

BEER WITH A SOCIALIST: Why is the non-brewing Flat12 in Jeffersonville considered a “brewery” by LEO Weekly but Gordon Biersch isn’t? That’s dumb, don’t you think?

It should be noted that eventually LEO acceded to my impeccable reasoning, but now there’s a new complication, courtesy of Indiana on Tap.

Flat12 Bierwerks Relaunches as Rad Brewing Co. to Support Youth Athletics

Indianapolis, IN – Flat12 Bierwerks is excited to announce it will be relaunching as Rad Brewing Co with the mission to support and promote alternative ways of getting active with a portion of the profits going to youth sports in Indianapolis.

Every purchase at Rad will directly impact the local community through a donation of sports equipment to local youth organizations. The launch party is scheduled for November 29th at 414 Dorman Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202. Changes to the branding and brewpub will begin starting today, Monday, November 4th, and will include a new kitchen concept, “Rad Burger.” Both brewpub guests and online shoppers looking to support Rad’s mission can expect expanded options of merchandise including apparel for dogs as well as outdoor gear and athletic accessories.

I understand rebranding, and if I try really hard, the notion of sports as a beneficiary makes a degree of sense owing to the word “youth” and the corollary of encouraging activity among young people.

However, the big question for SoIn: Whither the Flat12 Bierwerks in Jeffersonville?

Lately this establishment seems to have been drifting more toward operating as a multi-tap (beers from all breweries featured) as opposed to a brewery tap.

Is there any benefit to remaining “Flat12” when it no longer exists, or to becoming Rad when there’s little symmetry between north and south?

Each beer will be themed after a sport or athletic activity and each label will highlight on a rotating basis different local, national, and international businesses, teams, and individual athletes. The initial line-up will include, among others:

Beer Name (Style) – Initial Label Feature – Location

Gaelic (Dry Irish Stout) – Indianapolis Gaelic Athletic Association – Indianapolis, IN
Power Jam (Sweet Red Ale) – Chloe Bouffard (Roller Skating) -Ottawa, Ontario
Freestyle (Rad IPA) – Aguska Mnich (Freestyle Soccer World Champion) – London, England
Naptown Fit (Light Cream Ale) – Naptown Fitness – Indianapolis, IN
Endurance (Session IPA) – The Road Sodas (Running Group) – Indianapolis, IN
Breakin’ (Electric Pale Ale) – 31svn Street Dance Academy – Fishers, IN
Belay (Honey Brown Ale) – Climb Time (Rock Climbing Gym) – Indianapolis, IN

Flat12 favorites such as Half Cycle IPA, Pogue’s Run Porter, Tinker Brown, and Cucumber Kolsch will be kept under Rad as the “Indiana Classics Series.” Many other recipes will remain but will be relaunched with new names. Relationships with drivers Jarett Andretti and James Hinchcliffe will continue under the Rad moniker with their products Jarett Andretti 18 (Orange Wheat Ale) and Hinchtown Hammerdown (Pilsner).

Just my opinion: It all sounds like a conceptual muddle to me, and yet what happens next should be interesting.

Couldn’t we just snap our fingers and transform the current riverside Flat12 location in Jeffersonville into an Upland or Sun King outlet?