Gahan’s toxic Colonial Manor farce is reason enough to vote against him.


It’s endlessly fascinating to watch peak, self-interested Gahanism in action.

Gahanism is about power, money and control; all ideas must emanate from the same centralized source deep inside the Genius of the Floodplain’s cranium, although it bears repeating (again and again) that if absolute power really does corrupt absolutely, you’d have to go to Belarus or Pyongyang to find a better example of it than right here in Anchored Down City.

Collated instances of our municipal #CultureOfCorruption would fill a War and Peace-sized volume, but there’s no better example than this year’s Colonial Manor episode.

ON THE AVENUES: Amid Deaf Gahan’s “victory” over grassroots activists at Colonial Manor, the toxic paranoia is no less rancid.

Suffice to say that in 2019, when Team #MyNA Gahan belatedly learned there was a grassroots neighborhood initiative underway, the ruling clique reacted to this thoughtful, well-conceived and firmly non-partisan effort by sending Warren Nash in riot gear running through inhumanely heated and cooled City Hall corridors screaming “EBOLA! We’re all gonna DIE!”

And so the Redevelopment Commission’s upper echelon of fixers went into late-night hyperspace. Boilerplate plans from a campaign donor firm quickly were cobbled together, a public comment session with no public comment allowed was held, the battered TIF piggy bank was shaken down to its hooves, and voila — here’s the official plan, straight from the unprecedented mind of Dear Leader, ready to be rubber-stamped just in time for the primary election.

City council wasn’t buying the offal.

Council rejects Gahan’s, Redevelopment’s Colonial Manor tax increment financing lollapalooza by a 5-4 vote. Alterations to come?

Given that the Redevelopment Commission is regarded by Jeff Gahan as his personal plaything, and the Colonial Manor purchase with the TIF One Platinum card plainly was intended as a rushed feather in Dear Leader’s re-election bonnet, things now get interesting.

It was yet another example of a phenomenon described with typical clarity by NAC’s junior editor, Jeff Gillenwater.

Gahan isn’t remotely interested in input. His personal insecurity, control issues, and need to generate campaign kickbacks from the contractors involved keep any sort of real input from ever happening. Citizens get expensive, poorly conceived and executed projects and Gahan gets a flood of tax dollars into his campaign coffers. It’s a worst case scenario, repeated frequently enough to be the hallmark of his tenure as mayor. New Albanians two generations from now will still be paying for his ego trip.

If you haven’t yet exercised your right to vote, then I suggest you vote against Jeff Gahan by voting for Mark Seabrook. New Albany needs a break from the cartoonish buffoonery of Big Daddy G’s megalomania. Let’s just let Gahan haul away his $100k in leftover special interest campaign finance donations (but not without first paying taxes on it, mind you), exit the down-low bunker and accept his next powder-puff position as a political consultant — or would HWC even consider hiring an ex-provider?

Three reminders:

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