Mayoral aspirant Dan Coffey says, “Hey, I can get $2,500 from an out-of-town lawyer, too.”


The Aggregate News recently summarized campaign finance disclosures.

  • Incumbent Democratic Mayor Jeff Gahan raised the most money in the reporting period and possessed $276,472.87 before spending nearly $204,000 in the same time period. He currently has around $71,000 cash-on-hand.
  • Challenger Mark Seabrook (R) raised $139,504.08 and spent $128,224.37 during the reporting period.
  • Independent challenger Dan Coffey raised $5,100 in the reporting period and spent around $4,500.

We’ve explored Gahan’s windfall report in detail; naturally Supreme Leader’s totals dwarf Coffey’s, but the Wizard of Westside hasn’t lost the ability to surprise.

Witness this out-of-the-blue donation from Indianapolis from what appears to be a husband and wife legal team.

Yale AND Harvard?

Best Lawyers in America?

Toto, we’re not in Birdseye any longer.

There aren’t many hits in the Google search for convergences between Coffey and Pitman. However, there are a few links to Pitman, Coffey and New Albany Redevelopment Commission meetings.

Guess what happened when I clicked on them?

They’re broken. In fact, all the links from 2011 – 2015 lead … nowhere. I’ve informed the city clerk, and I’m sure she’ll troubleshoot this in time.

Until then … does anyone have the lowdown on this most unlikely of pairings, Coffey and Pitman? There is no chance of Coffey becoming mayor, but it’s good to know who the power couples really are.