We can’t quote Gahan on neighborhood crime because he won’t address it publicly.


Yesterday we had a look-see at the progress regress of this year’s campaign to date, during which Slick Jeffie and the DemoDisneyDixiecrats have focused almost entirely on the mayor’s ability to obey state law and produce a suitable annual budgetary snapshot.

As Gahan carpet-bombs Seabrook with HWC’s cash, there is no discussion about real issues. Hmm, do you think that’s intentional?

Republicans have not been the only listeners who’ve responded by suggesting we speak instead about Gahan’s massive accumulated debt, but as an example of what’s being missed, consider neighborhood crime.

Our friend D shared this thought on Facebook. It might be the best expression of the way optics propel Gahan in Oz; it’s all about how things appear, and never about whether they actually function.

“To your point re: ‘We’ve not heard an exchange of ideas about opioid use, drug addiction or their corollaries of neighborhood crime.’ As someone (one of many in our community) who has been personally affected by drug-induced/related crime at my home, I reached out to one of Gahan’s handlers earlier this year to see if we could get the Mayor (and perhaps the Chief) to host a town hall meeting to discuss what we as citizens could do to help police in their efforts to make our community safer.

“I’m quoting the response I received, ‘That might be good for your neighbors and the community, but that wouldn’t be good for Jeff.’

“I was told that they’d circle back to the idea after the primary. Now, call me crazy, but if our elected officials are doing it right, isn’t what’s good for the community and its citizens ALSO good for our elected officials? Apparently not in this version of New Albany, Indiana.”

D not unexpectedly adds that Team Gahan hasn’t gotten around to holding this meeting, even post-primary. Grassroots organizing has proceeded as City Hall keeps their efforts at arm’s length, terrified of how it might make the Genius of the Floodplain look in reality, as opposed to fantasy.

I can hear Greg Phipps now: “But he bulldozed the homeless camp, didn’t he?”

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