The curious question of 3rd district candidate Alex Bilbrey’s yard signs.


No joke: Alex Bilbrey will need to be Superman to beat Greg Phipps.

It’s hard to imagine Bilbrey (R) breaking 40% of the vote in the 3rd council district against two-term incumbent Phipps (D); after all, the 3rd district is to pretend-progressive Kool Aid as Porto is to vintage port wine, and Bilbrey — who registered to run at the last possible minute without the knowledge of his party’s chairman — has been all but invisible for the entirety of 2019.

Except for yard signs.

I’ve seen several, including one of the big honking signs behind my house at the auto repair shop, and this makes Bilbrey’s CFA-4 campaign finance disclosures very curious.

Bilbrey reports that he has neither raised nor spent a dime.

How then did he pay for the signs?

No matter; never mind — you know, like Gahan’s platform.

Yes, conscience precludes a vote for either Bilbrey or Phipps, and this is why I’m supporting Thunder Over the 3rd.

Vote for Thunder the Wonder Ferret as a write-in for New Albany City Council District 3.

 … Phipps does a fair to middling job of performing the duties of a purely average council representative. However, in political terms Phipps is profoundly weak, and he has done so very little on his own initiative that it comes down to a single consideration.

Phipps has supported Mayor Jeff Gahan roughly 95% of the time, and I’ve opposed Gahan by an equal percentage. The taint is real.

Consequently, I cannot vote for Phipps, who has been utterly non-intellectual in his persistent sycophancy. That’s a shame. He could have been so much more.

But no.

He wasn’t … and isn’t likely to be.

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