As Gahan carpet-bombs Seabrook with HWC’s cash, there is no discussion about real issues. Hmm, do you think that’s intentional?


As I’ve been saying for years, Big Daddy Gahan has never experienced genuine electoral competition, and when at long last he would feel a breath on his neck, the gift-showering avuncular Oz the Great and Powerful pretense would be dropped faster than a snake sheds his skin, and Gahan would go full-tilt Mitch-McConnell-slimeball using all that money showered upon him by pay-to-play special interests.

This we have seen, voluminously (sorry, Shane; look it up).

I received another poison pen mailer yesterday, with another denunciation of Mark Seabrook’s conniving county Floyd County government — in effect, another in a series of diversionary tactics by Gahan and the DemoDisneyDixiecrats … assembled by a hired assassin company in San Francisco (see links below).

Apart from the characteristically (intentionally) ineffectual League of Women Voters/News and Tribune “forum” at the Silver Street Homerdome in early September, Gahan’s seemingly limitless fat cat donor cash has been strategically deployed to eliminate any opportunity to discuss substantive issues.

Nary a word during the campaign has been said about poverty or the homeless (assuredly Gahan’s bulldozers remain idling unless a poor person dares interrupt the harmony of his coronation).

We’ve not heard an exchange of ideas about opioid use, drug addiction or their corollaries of neighborhood crime. 

There has been nothing said about the city’s stagnant population growth (“business of residency” apparently has been discarded as insufficiently photogenic), and of course topics like Gahan’s public housing putsch, indifference to his own Human Rights Commission “landmark”, botched “walkable” street grid implementations or sewer rate INCREASE have been kept safely out of view.

Gahan seemingly has nothing to declare save for his own brilliance, as well as a knack for shaking down political patronage supplicants so that no beak is left unwetted as the Genius of the Floodplain finances another selfless gift to you — using YOUR credit card and billing YOUR grandchildren for the privilege.

I was hoping Gahan might attend the ribbon re-attachment ceremonies at several downtown businesses which haven’t survived his glorious acumen, but he’s never seen once the closing padlock snaps, is he?

Sadly, the compromised newspaper’s silence is deafening.

And so it’s all about the dastardly county Republicans, and it’s all about Gahan’s money, and my “progressive” neighbors are staying stone-silent about these many other subjects which should be of interest to them; obviously this is all hunky dory if you’re Don Gahan and Sancho Dickey.

Get a grip, because you’re being duped — and you know, it might actually be that Gahan and his special interest lubricators want it that way.

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