Tricky Dickey’s latest malicious misdirection won’t hunt, because Mark Seabrook was a county commissioner, not the “mayor” of Floyd County.


The Floyd County Democratic Party will go to any length to avoid acknowledging Jeff Gahan’s pervasive monetization fetish.

Pay-han’s only real achievement during eight years in office has been the meticulous revitalization of the Tammany Hall model of grubby pay-to-play political patronage, while the self-identified “progressives” stare off into space, unable to consistently apply their presumed standards of social and economic justice to obvious matters like the culture of pure corruption flouted by their local mayoral Disney wannabe.

Recently the GOP has had the unmitigated gall to examine Gahan’s unchecked accumulation of debt. Tricky Dickey quickly mounted his rickety Kool Aid soapbox in righteous indignation, shrilly squeaking the only reply local Democrats are ever able to muster: “WE REEK TO HIGH HEAVEN, BUT THE REPUBLICANS IN COUNTY GOVERNMENT ARE WORSE.” 

Specifically, Squire Adam’s refrain: Because he was county commissioner, Mark Seabrook is to blame for county government’s budgetary iniquities. 

Well not exactly, but nice try. You may wish to hold on to your day job.

It’s fitting and proper that the two political parties hurl mud back and forth, but let’s get a few facts straight with regard to roles (thanks to Commissioner Billy Stewart for posting these points at Facebook).

  • The County Commissioners are NOT the Fiscal Body of County Government.
  • They don’t set budgets for the County.
  • They didn’t pass the jail tax, as the County Council only had the authority to do so.
  • The County, like EVERY other unit of local government, has to have a balanced budget. 

“In a nut shell, Adam doesn’t seem to understand how Floyd County government operates. County government is NOT city government. Commissioners are NOT mayors!”