Finally, an honest mailer from the Gahan campaign.


Them paranoid Gahanites are getting testier by the day. They need to rediscover the tranquil joys, as described in this book review in The Economist (from which the Getty Image in the meme above was copied).

Debts to pleasure: The key to a good life is avoiding pain

And finding tranquil joys. Or so Epicurus thought. Is he right?

How to be an Epicurean, by Catherine Wilson

In Catherine Wilson’s manual on “the ancient art of living well”, her guide is the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who advocated a calm life of modest pleasure. By explaining how the world was, he thought philosophy could show people how to live. Ms Wilson, an Epicurus specialist, agrees. Her intelligent and readable book lies, she says, somewhere between technical philosophy and “advice columns”.

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