Rules for election letters to the Daily Journal of the Tom May Writers’ Colony, formerly known as the News and Tribune.


If the News and Tribune genuinely valued “fairness to the candidates,” the sinking newspaper wouldn’t support the sham candidate “forums” sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

But I digress.

Here are the rules for submitting election-related letters to the editor of the Jeffersonville newspaper, followed by a recent example of one.

Out of fairness to the candidates in the Nov. 5, 2019, General Election, the News and Tribune will be cutting off election-related letters several days before voters go to the polls.

The last day to submit election letters to the News and Tribune is Tuesday, Oct. 29. Here’s how:

• Letters can be submitted in person or through the U.S. Postal Service to our New Albany office (318 Pearl St., Suite 100) and Jeffersonville office (221 Spring. St.) by close of business Oct. 29.

• Electronic submission of letters through our website ( or by email ( must be timestamped by midnight that day.

Letters received after the deadline will not be published. Maximum length is 600 words. The last day the News and Tribune will publish election-related letters before the election is Friday, Nov. 1.

Now for a sample letter.

Incumbent Gahan best choice for mayor

I read Randy Smith’s letter of Sept. 26 and could not disagree more with his assertions. Smith, a long-time and well-known political opponent of Mayor Gahan …

Well, let’s see. If this letter writer, who apparently is an officer in a regional electrician’s union that previously has donated to Payhan’s campaign … and who quite possibly is benefiting from the boom borne of Beach Blanket TIF Bingo … utterly fails to note all this background in his puff piece, then I’m not really obliged to link to it.

What’s more, I’ve also been “a long-time and well-known political opponent of Mayor Gahan.”

How ’bout some equal time, Mr. May?