In a mounting sign of desperation, Gahan and the DemoDisneyDixiecrats are going full-tilt negative slimeball against Mark Seabrook.


Tricky Dickey has outdone himself. There’s now a web site devoted to fact-checking, or myth creation (hard to tell the difference when it comes to THAT group) and the announcement is noteworthy because Adam quotes himself three times.

Like he mattered, or something.

Couple this latest Dickeyite meltdown with the highly entertaining DemoDisneyDixiecratic apoplexy (sorry, Shane) over Senator Todd Young’s endorsement of Seabrook, and add a dash of veteran Indiana political analyst Brian Howey’s targeting of New Albany as a prime locale for a change of party in the mayor’s seat, and you get Jeff Gahan’s snarling, vicious true political nature finally out in the open for all to see.

Yes, I know — Gahan will say it’s the party, not the candidate, but we all know the party is skint without Gahan’s bulging bank account. Let the sitting mayor disavow the attacks if negativity somehow disturbs him.

We know better, don’t we? Read about Tricky’s latest Goebbels moment, right here — and don’t forget that at least one DemoDisneyDixiecratic council candidate has told the truth this campaign season.

Jason is said to be a close friend of Seabrook’s. I wonder how he feels about his party’s decision to plunge to rock bottom with negative campaigning?