GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Emissions, omissions, intermissions — whatever. Anyone seen that cigar box?


The Green Mouse (it’s “viridi mus” in Latin) has a hobby. The mouse follows the money, and the trail usually doesn’t lead to places that are all that surprising — pay-to-play schemes aren’t exactly a game of chess — but at times something turns up that causes even the Sagua Berdea (Basque) to shake his head in amazement.

Consequently, the Mouse says the county auditor’s office may not be the only place that a financial misfeasance scandal is afoot. Let’s just say there’s a lot of scrambling on the north end of a certain floor of the main building at 300 Hauss Square. Is it felony or misdemeanor? And if so, would Keith Henderson prosecute?

What’s the penalty for that?

Forced resignation?

Disqualification from future ballots?