PHOTOS: Senator Todd Young endorses Mark Seabrook at Pints&union on Friday afternoon.


It was a personal pleasure and an unqualified honor to host Senator Todd Young today at Pints&union as he endorsed Mark Seabrook for Mayor of New Albany.

NEW ALBANY — As the municipal election approaches, a U.S. Senator has given his endorsement to New Albany’s Republican mayoral candidate.

U.S. Sen. Todd Young, R-Indiana, visited Pints & Union Friday to weigh in on the New Albany mayoral race and voice his support of Mark Seabrook, who is facing Democratic incumbent Mayor Jeff Gahan and independent candidate Dan Coffey in November’s election …

… The U.S. Senator said he has known Seabrook for years, and he explained his decision to endorse the Republican mayoral candidate.

“Unlike a lot of requests I receive to endorse different candidates, I’ve developed a personal connection with Mark, and I’ve found him to be a sincere, hardworking and really conscientious public servant who has encouraged me in the past, and I want to give back, and I want to make sure all our communities are represented by the most competent people that they can,” Young said. “I enjoy working with people of all parties, but when it comes time for Election Day, I end up supporting the Republican nominees, and in this case, we just have an outstanding one.”

Fair enough. You may disagree with supporting Republican nominees on Election Day; that’s why we have a secret ballot, but the senator’s reasoning about competent local candidates is impeccable.

In my view, “impeccable” also describes Joe’s founding vision for this public house, because his idea is for it to be public. It’s a place to check ideology at the door and have conversations, not just about politics, but anything else worth talking about. There were Democratic candidate functions upstairs last fall and this spring, and I hope there’ll be more now and in the future.

Now the photographs, courtesy of Kelly Feiock except the first one by Scott Stewart. Several of the Louisville news channels were there, too.