Begin your sunny Harvest Homecoming Saturday with Sardinian throat singing.


Not to be confused with mute nostril agony, which is a condition indigenous to Tricky Dickey.

The Many Pleasures of Sardinian Throat Singing, by Dan Nosowitz (Atlas Obscura)

A fiercely unusual musical style from a fiercely independent island.

ON AN ISLAND IN THE Mediterranean, there is an incredible musical style unknown to the vast majority of the world. Because describing music often ends up as a series of references to other music, here’s what that style, cantu a tenòre, evokes: one part barbershop quartet, one part traditional Mongolian drone, one part political punk, and one part bar band. It’s also one example of an unusual vocal strategy, one that almost doubles as a wild anatomical experiment, that appears in scattered places around the globe.

Cantu a tenòre is Sardinian throat singing, and it’s very, very cool …