A Lenin museum in Russia, “still powered by vintage Apple technology.”


Finally it dawns on me that while today’s youth recognizes Apple, if not the archaic model referenced in this article, many probably have little idea who Lenin was apart from the guy in the Red Room poster.

Hence the refresher video.

Russia’s Retro Lenin Museum Still Runs on Decades-Old Apple II Computers, by Yuri Litvinenko (Atlas Obscura)

THE VERSATILITY OF THE APPLE II made it one of the most widespread personal computers of the 1970s and 80s. In schools, labs, and even command centers, these classic American computers kept a foothold even after the advent of more advanced machines. But of all the places you’d expect to find the computer that popularized The Oregon Trail, the mournful museum of a Communist leader is one of the most unlikely.

Lenin Museum in Gorki Leninskiye, located 20 miles south of Moscow, doesn’t look hi-tech even by 1980s standards. But among black marble interiors, gilded display cases, and Soviet historical documents, there is an elaborate audiovisual show about the last years of Vladimir Lenin’s life. Opened in 1987, it’s still powered by vintage Apple technology.