Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast 2019: “That is one hell of a big tent right there!”


Unity of purpose at the 2019 Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast: (left to right) State Representative Ed Clere: former city councilman, former county commissioner, longtime small business owner and current mayoral candidate Mark Seabrook: scruffy beer guy and iconoclast who sneaked in via the kitchen, then crashed the photo op; and Irv Stumler, whose CV is far too long to list here.*

The combined years of service offered by these three men to our community simply boggles the mind. 125? That’s probably a low estimate.

I’ve disagreed with each of these men in the past, at times vehemently, and yet we still communicate with each other. Making sense isn’t an activity confined to one side of an imaginary “aisle.”

Some readers remain mystified at recent headings like this:

ON THE AVENUES: Socialists for Seabrook, because we desperately need a new beginning in New Albany.

They shouldn’t be puzzled at all. This one isn’t hieroglyphics, either.

Democrat David White: “I am asking ALL the people who have supported me over the years to help Mark Seabrook put People First!”

The coda goes to Kelly Feiock, in a photo taken at last week’s chili cook-off at the Calumet Club.

Kelly wrote: “I LOVE this pic! Roger, Scott (Whalen) and I formed a friendship based on a desire to make our city a better place.”

THAT’S the point, isn’t it?

* Thanks to Steve LaDuke for the “tent” quote.