At WDRB: “Changes coming to Harvest Homecoming booth days this year.”


Naturally I jumped in front of the camera when Joel Schipper of WDRB-41 stuck his head through the door at Pints&union on Monday and asked if someone was available to make a few comments about Harvest Homecoming’s changes for 2019.

YES, I said, rubbing my hands in gleeful anticipation.

What I told him next struck terror in the hearts of the civic pillars … nah, actually not at all. I did something positive for the city, and then happily drained the showpiece Pilsner Urquell poured for their video’s benefit, because it’s true that Harvest Homecoming has made noteworthy strides these past few years.

See the video and read the story here.

The situation isn’t perfect by any stretch, but it’s better than it was. Ten years ago there wasn’t a functional downtown on a day-to-day basis. Now there is. A huge festival “popped up” yearly; it still does. Neither is going away, and so mutual cooperation is the only sensible path forward.

Besides, it’s good to play against type on occasion. Keeps ’em guessing.