“Breakfast with Kent” (Sterling) is an entertaining daily way to keep up with Indiana’s sporting news.


I’ve gotten in the habit of listening to Kent Sterling’s daily (Mon. – Fri.) video “Breakfast with Kent,” and while my conceding to this might seem a wee bit atypical for me, I don’t think it should be considered unusual.

I’ve written previously that I enjoy keeping track of sports in the broader sense of retaining a bluffer’s knowledge of the news and scores. It’s too much of a commitment of time to watch actual games, but I regularly read about sports — or in the case of Kent’s videos, I listen.

The 1980 New Albany High School graduate’s breakfast chat covers Indiana sports at all levels as well as the Chicago Cubs, because they’re Kent’s own rooting interest, and Indy doesn’t have a major league baseball team. His main topics include the Pacers, Colts and Indiana University, with plenty more each day.

Kent is passionate, fun and impeccably informed. The videos usually run 10 – 12 minutes in length, and can be found a number of places:

Kent’s web site
His Facebook page
His YouTube channel

You’re welcome.

By the way, I chose the video from last week embedded above because Kent has some interesting and enlightened things to say about SB 206, the California law allowing college athletes to profit from endorsements.