Gahan’s ineptly reinstalled “fork on the sidewalk hidden by cars” leads September’s Top Ten at NA Confidential.

After, being ineptly dumped by Carmel-based vandals.

Thanks for reading NA Confidential, where we enjoy reconnoitering the neglected periphery for uniquely local perspectives on life in New Albany. Otherwise your only choice would be the Jeffersonville News and Evangel-bune, and that’s a fate almost as unrewarding as light beer consumption.

September proved to be a good month for readership, so we’ll list ten honrable mentions, followed by the top ten posts, preceded by a new special category.


A reader writes, we answer: “Roger, when you ran for mayor, didn’t Extol Magazine have a profile about you?”



GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Did Team Gahan really eject former mayor James Garner from its campaign kickoff love-in last Saturday?

“At some point I saw (former mayor) James Garner, and I thought good, this means we’re past the primary, and the party can get back together again, but then the mayor’s son-in-law (Chris Gardner) and police chief (Todd) Bailey went over and started barking orders at Garner. I could only hear some of what they were saying — they were telling him to leave! I couldn’t believe it, chasing an ex-mayor and a lifelong Democrat away from the kickoff. I mean what have we become? Are we Democrats or some sort of gangsters?”


Vote for Thunder the Wonder Ferret as a write-in for New Albany City Council District 3.


GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Slick Jeffie’s snarling true colors in last evening’s non-debate.

“Gahan raised his voice and made this petulant snarl about how his balance was perfectly budgeted and the city’s finances were in great shape. He yelled at Seabrook and said ‘you’re one to talk’ since he’s never had a balanced budget, and some other inaudible crackling.

“Slick Jeffie did a great job of showing his true colors. Seabrook definitely got under his skin last night.”


“Not a Cool Kid in High School? Study Says You Should Probably Be Relieved.”

In NA politics, it’s all about sitting with the Cool Kids at lunch.
— attentive blog reader D


Happy 10th birthday to Toast on Market.


C.R.E.A.M. y’all: Slick Jeffie releases cookout menu for Saturday, September 7 love fest.


ON THE AVENUES: Socialists for Seabrook, because we desperately need a new beginning in New Albany.

In 2019, this European-style Social Democrat will be voting for Mark Seabrook for mayor of New Albany.


Mark Seabrook attended the mayoral forum at the Southern Indiana Realtors Association. Jeff Gahan skipped it. Remember that, voters.


He shows up.


Watch Jeff Gahan abuse (a) the League of Women Voters’ Q&A format, (b) Mark Seabrook and (c) the intelligence of voters.


Slick Jeffie’s wasteful masterpiece: $85,000 + $406,522 = the price for traffic lights at a downtown intersection where a four-way stop would work just fine.

The intersection of Bank and Main could be easily calmed and regulated by the installation of a four-way stop, with a few stop signs and red flashers like the ones recently installed at the intersection of 13th and Elm — itself a stupidly hazardous place that the city’s “brain trust” insisted for years wasn’t an issue, but finally became necessary to “fix” so that Greg Phipps could have something to campaign on.

Stop signs at the intersection of Bank and Main might cost a couple thousand dollars. So, how do we do it in Jeff Pay-to-PlayHan’s Anchor City?



“Mayor’s daughter arrested on drug charges.”

Versailles is a city with fewer than 9,000 residents. Fred Siegelman appears to have been the all too familiar “mayor for life” type with at least three full terms before resigning in 2013. He appears to have been elected to city council in 2018. For all I know he was a competent mayor, seemingly theatrical, but that’s hardly uncommon. All of the following is a matter of public record, albeit dated — and be aware that this blog supports the legalization of marijuana.


Vote Al Knable and Christina Estill for New Albany City Council At-Large.


Power move: Him Gentleman’s Boutique and Mane Alley Color & Extension Bar to transform the moribund Preston Arts Building.

Great story here, with Him Gentleman’s Boutique and Mane Alley Color & Extension Bar purchasing and revamping a moribund building. Downtowners have known about this for a while, and it is good news indeed. Construction at RecBar across the street is underway, meaning that quite soon TWO redundant structures will have been put back to use.


Resch, Sprigler, Bass and Donaldson present plans for Union Restaurant & GameYard, a new downtown Jeffersonville entertainment center.

“What we’re bringing to the table is an asset to Jeff,” Resch said. “It’s going to be a destination to bring people downtown. You can tell by the drawings that we’ve put a lot of thought, time and effort into it. We’re going to throw the right amount of money at it to make it a good project.”

The sprawling layout for Union Restaurant & GameYard will comprise two houses sitting on West Chestnut St., the parking lot that separates them and an empty yard behind one of the houses.


Which of these monstrously ugly downtown structures is the worst of all?

Just horrifying.


Board and You Bistro & Wine Bar announced for 434 Pearl Street, coming in the Spring of 2020.

Note that 434 Pearl Street is the corner commercial space where Matt McMahan intended to launch a cidery a few years ago. Matt no longer owns the building.


An unsolicited testimonial for the Irish Rover.

The Reidys have busted their humps throughout, but the aspect of their business experience that speaks to me is success in executing an existing idea — the Irish pub, as opposed to the German beer hall or Belgian beer cafe — by establishing a constant core of daily undertow, while allowing for creativity and evolution around the edges.


Recbar 812 build-out underway. Here’s my beer advice.

Always a pleasure to link to the IU Southeast newspaper.

Here’s a suggestion for Recbar 812. If they’re intent on 20 draft lines, then become an unofficial “tied” house for an Indiana brewery (obviously contractual agreements are not legal) and devote half those lines to them.


Just tell me why we should refrain from pointing to the wealth amassed by religious personalities like the late Rev. Berniece Hicks.

Hicks was a preacher, and she had a church. Maybe she owned the church; maybe it owned her. Obviously she owned lots of stuff. One needn’t devote hours of research to grasp that the church Hicks founded has been controversial almost from the beginning, as this front page from 1979 attests.


Return of the Fork in the Road public art installation — bad location, but it’s Gahanism, after all.

Before, where it actually made sense.