Time erases: Signs, signs, everywhere signs; some coming, some going.


Quite a few of us always will love Chef Israel Landin and his food, and we enjoyed his ill-fated previous restaurant, La Rosita’s (now he’s rocking here), but isn’t it pleasant at long last to see the old sign gone, the building being painted and a business (RecBar 812) coming close to occupying it?

Next up: That annoyingly permanent Preston’s signage, always a decaying reminder of the store’s demise eight years ago.

Power move: Him Gentleman’s Boutique and Mane Alley Color & Extension Bar to transform the moribund Preston Arts Building.

Of course adjacent to the future Him is the currently moribund River City Winery, surely downtown’s favorite topic of eatery speculation, and perhaps with new signs of hope … like this one, although the bank comes off a tad badly.

Last, and appropriately, this one. It may have been my own former business, and it seems a shame to cover the artwork with fresh paint, but it has to happen eventually — and no, I don’t have any updates about the future occupant.

The Green Mouse keeps listening, you know.


  1. LOL. What I'm still hearing is Monnik, but as with any other similar transaction, we won't know until the papers are signed.