Slick Jeffie is lobbing loads of whoppers again, this time about “his” job creation.


It’s another spurious saturation-spraying piece of Jeff Gahan’s naked emperor tall-tale fiction. We’ll need to see the evidence about these “high-paying” jobs. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

NEW JOBS: Thanks to our public investments in infrastructure and quality of life, major companies like Sazerac, HMS Global Maritime, and American Health Network have been expanding in New Albany. That means hundreds of new high-paying jobs for residents of our River City. #GahanForMayor #MovingNAForward #NewJobs

As three friends incisively noted:

Not only is there no evidence of high paying jobs, there is certainly no proof that any investment or other action by Supreme Leader is responsible. Correlation does not imply causation. It’s yet another example of Gahan’s credit-snatching campaign when 95% of the jobs in New Albany are thanks to the free market and entrepreneurial spirit.


Also, define “public investments.”


How many jobs have been lost during his reign? You have to net out the opposite direction.