Behind and alongside the booths: Bills of fare at 20 indie places downtown during Harvest Homecoming booth days.


Apart from being a fine human being, Ryan Hammel works for Monarch, Indiana’s largest wholesale distributor. A decisive majority of the beers I’m stocking at Pints&union come to us via Monarch, and it has been a very good working relationship with them during the pub’s infancy.

Here, verbatim, is Ryan’s explanation of the map you see above. It shows the restaurants and bars “behind the booths” during Harvest Homecoming’s apex next week. As we have previously observed, existing bricks ‘n’ mortar food and drink purveyors are becoming increasingly integrated into the festivals’ street party, while still remaining a distinct segment all its own.

The evolution has been interesting, to say the least. Ryan has performed a needed service by coordinating this information, and I recommend you at least offer to buy him a drink as he makes the rounds.

“He worked really hard, Grandpa…”

“…so do washing machines.”

Literally months in the making…I do not know what more I can give YOU, the Harvest Homecoming Festival Goer. I certainly don’t think anyone has ever attempted this.

I know you’re putting the inflatable pilot from AIRPLANE! in your cubicle chair Thursday and cutting out early. I know you’re *cough cough* sick on Friday and can’t work. I know you’re hungry on Saturday and that calories don’t count during Harvest Homecoming. Most of all, I know you’ll be thirsty and we are sending the perfect remedy for that and all of the places on this map (yes it’s MS Paint, and yes that’s all I have, and YES if you use this and there’s a benefit I’ll make it prettier next year) will be serving it to YOU.

Numbered 1-20 from West to East, here is all of your Live Music, all of the Specials, and anything else the lovely places in Downtown New Albany want to share with you next weekend. Print this out, tattoo it to your forearm, text it to your family group chat (please share it)…and do a great weather dance and I’ll see you downtown next week and weekend.