The Growth Ponzi Scheme — or why the State Street Chain Ghetto and Summit Springs suck.


It’s not a perfect analogy, but I’m sticking with it; urban “leadership”, suburban thinking.

One fundamental fact about Jeff Gahan’s unnecessary infrastructure expenditures is that future maintenance costs aren’t considered amid the self-congratulatory stroking of his personality cult.

For once Deaf Gahan is right: The hilltop Fairfield atrocity is a “perfect fit” with maximum pay-to-play monetization.

The articles were written by Charles Marohn and published at Strong Towns.

We began writing about the Growth Ponzi Scheme in 2011 with a prominent series of articles that outlined the way American cities, towns and neighborhoods were growing themselves into insolvency.  Since then, the Growth Ponzi Scheme has been discussed in numerous publications. The term, as we’ve defined it, continues to be widely used and cited.