For once Deaf Gahan is right: The hilltop Fairfield atrocity is a “perfect fit” with maximum pay-to-play monetization.


The Fairfield Chain Hotel Atrocity in the newly created mudslide zone off State Street is a remarkably ugly building to be serving as the crowning achievement of any triumphant suburban development, much less atop a plat denuded and strip-mined to make way for it.

And yet Deaf Gahan somehow is impressed by all this. It can’t be the aesthetics unless he’s also blind, so it must be the campaign finance donations from the profiteers involved with the hotel’s construction. After all, deaf, dumb and blind boys still know how to count the money.

Gahan’s crack team of Goebbels-intensity spinners has gotten lots of mileage from this misplaced development obscenity, and we can only hope voters are sufficiently hip to see through the malarkey.

Naturally went WLKY went for the bait.

It’s a perfect fit and now there’s talk about even adding another one (hotel) up here, along with a convention center. So, we’re really thrilled about it,” said New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan.

That’s right. A convention center, of the sort Gahan is resisting elsewhere in Southern Indiana — isn’t he currently peevishly boycotting the tourist bureau’s convention center feasibility study? — but moreover, a convention center on top of a denuded strip-mined hill, accessible by a single road, presumably to be augmented by helicopter, escalator or the Starship Enterprise’s transporter.

Well, we “built” this city on Gahan’s lies.

Time to get real, voters.

If you’re singing joyful hosannas for a greed-driven car-centric multinational chain hotel with low paying jobs squatting on an environmental disaster area when so many infill properties nearby sit weed-choked and unused, and of course an extravaganza reliant on heavy municipal subsidies for its very existence … well, I feel sorry for you.

To be fair, a friend offered intelligent counterpoint to the effect that there’s a case for “overflow” hotel space in Southern Indiana to serve the Louisville convention crowds, with the prospect of luring guests downtown.

This is true. However, I’m not contesting the potential utility of such a hotel or the fact that our obscene neoliberal economic system in America (masquerading as free enterprise) strives to create chains, which I abhor.

It’s the fact of this hideous building sitting atop what once was a forested hillside, which could not had been built at all without the active “partnership” of a corrupt municipal government.

We have many spaces where infill construction in the form of a hotel would have killed a few developmental and economic birds with one stone. Instead we’re subsidizing the sheer greed of property owners.

Remember: Generic mediocrity + pay-to-play monetization = Gahanism.