Who belongs here? It’s time for another “Chew On This,” a special dinner and discussion at Pints&union on Tuesday, September 24.


Next Tuesday’s conversation over a meal and libations takes place all across the state of Indiana. This will be our second such event at Pints&union, and seats are available for $25 (plus fee) at the
Eventbrite link

Local sponsors are ArtSeed and Pints&union. Here’s the overview, courtesy of ArtSeed.

Join ArtSeed for “Chew On This: Who Belongs Here?” to share a meal and fun yet in-depth conversation with other curious Hoosiers. Chew On This: Who Belongs Here? is presented as part of Indiana Humanities’ INseparable initiative.

Your ticket price includes your meal and unforgettably rich experience. The menu will be a traditional English Dinner. Scotch eggs, bangers and mash, and chocolate mousse.

In literature and pop culture, Midwesterners are sometimes depicted as friendly and hospitable, while at other times we’re seen as closed-minded and suspicious of newcomers and immigrants. To put it another way, sometimes we’re Leslie Knope, rolling out the welcome wagon, and sometimes we’re the townspeople in Hoosiers, turning a cold shoulder to the new guy and skeptical of his new ideas.

What’s the reality of the community where you live—are you more of a Pawnee or a Hickory? How welcoming is your community to people who come from somewhere else, whether another country or just over the county line? What do we mean when we say someone is or isn’t part of a community? Who decides? Why does openness matter—and how can your community be more welcoming?