Vote Stefanie Griffith for New Albany City Council District 1.


Call it an endorsement if you will, or think of it as my personal support, backing, seal of approval, recommendation or advocacy.

The residents of New Albany’s 1st council district are about to experience a delightful change.

For the first time in two decades, they’ll have a new council representative. Whether you love current councilman Dan Coffey or hate him — and we’ve experienced both emotions at NA Confidential — it cannot be denied that he symbolizes a very old-school white male approach to governance, even when he was a younger white male than he is now. Contrary to popular opinion, his legacy is not all bad; still, the transition stands to be exciting. No matter what else occurs this November, the 1st district will have a female seat holder, and this is an undisputed positive, in itself.

My endorsement decision is very difficult. Both Stefanie Griffith (R) and Jennie Collier (D) are first-time candidates, and there is no case to be made against either one.

Stefanie is better known city-wide owing to her role as owner and manager of the family business, Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique, and participation in civic organizations like Develop New Albany.

Jennie worked hard for David White during both his mayoral runs and has a mind of her own, capable of making her own decisions and not being a lockstep sycophant beholden to the chairman of the Democratic Party. This is a high recommendation.

If I lived in the 1st council district, I’d vote for Stefanie Griffith. This one’s a very personal endorsement, and I’d like to stress yet again that Jennie is qualified and worthy of consideration.

It comes down to history. I went to school with Stefanie’s brother, and before Strandz moved to Vincennes Street, the Lenfert family business was located in the wing of the NABC Pizzeria & Public House building (my former business) now being used as the arcade. Stefanie has been running the business since she was a teen, and it has been successful all this time. That’s no small feat, and to me, independent local business experience like this is a tie-breaker.