Vote Scott Stewart for New Albany City Council District 2.


Call it an endorsement if you will, or think of it as my personal support, backing, seal of approval, recommendation or advocacy.

I don’t live in District 2, but if I did, I’d vote for Scott Stewart. Hands down. No contest. Not even close. Nary a moment’s pause. It does not require tea leaves, a degree in rocket science or a passing acquaintance with urban street grid essentials (the latter as yet eluding Stewart’s intellectually exhausted opponent, Bob Caesar) to grasp that seldom in the history of New Albany governance has there been a candidate with Scott Stewart’s experience and credentials.

Period. Full stop. Drop the mic.

At his website, the candidate explains why. If you’re a 2nd District voter, please vote for Scott Stewart. It is exceedingly rare for us to have such an opportunity to elect a council representative of his caliber.

Meet Scott

I believe deeply in public service. I’ve bookended my career doing just that. So, a quick introduction.

I grew up on Fenwick Drive and Ellen Court. I attended Holy Family and Providence.

I joined Mayor Bob Real’s administration while attending IU Southeast. I bought my first home in Finchland. I was a staff director for U.S. Senators Richard Lugar and Dan Quayle, then joined the Procter & Gamble Company. While I spent most of my time in Cincinnati, I did live in Switzerland and Belgium for 6 years. I retired from P&G after 24+ years and joined Governor Mitch Daniels’ staff in Indianapolis. I returned to New Albany and the 2nd District in 2010, completing my tenure in state government with INDOT and the Ports of Indiana in 2018.

My wife Christi and I have four children spread between Cincinnati, Lexington, KY, New York City, and Basel, Switzerland. Our four grandchildren are split between Lexington and Basel, the latter much too far away.

A final word about voting in local elections. My plea is to take it seriously.

Nowhere in the world is democracy more relevant than a local election. Be it mayor, city council, school board, or county offices, we all have the opportunity to select those men and women who have a direct effect on our lives. Everyday. The responsibility falls to you and me, our family, friends, and neighbors to ensure that our elected officials reflect the choice exercised by as many voters as possible. Too many big decisions that affect taxes, spending, and our community spirit too often are made that people who were elected by a minority of registered voters. During the last city election in 2015, 27% of registered voters turned out in District 2. We are better than that. Be sure to learn about the issues, the candidates and be sure to vote.


Vote Josh “JT” Turner for New Albany City Council District 5.