Vote Cisa Kubley for New Albany City Council District 4.


Call it an endorsement if you will, or think of it as my personal support, backing, seal of approval, recommendation or advocacy.

In New Albany’s 4th city council district, the best choice is political newcomer Cisa Kubley. I’d vote for Cisa if I lived in the 4th district.

Cisa is an independent local business owner (Sew Fitting at Underground Station). As an immigrant from Bloomington, she brings a fresh perspective and vast experience volunteering in community affairs.

She belongs to the New Albany chapter of Business and Professional Women, was named one of the 2013 “20 under 40,” and now serves on the national board of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals.

I got to know her a few years back when we worked together with others to enable New Albany First, an independent business association, with the aim of organizing grassroots local indies into an organization of stakeholders with input commensurate with their contributions. The idea did not come to fruition, but it remains something we need, and it is my hope that regime change can help bring it about beginning in 2020.

Another strong plus for Cisa is her advocacy of a sensible downtown street grid for all users, not only drivers and their cars. She strongly supported the entirety of Jeff Speck’s suggested downtown street grid makeover, which the incumbent Pat McLaughlin eventually came around to supporting only reluctantly without ever revealing a genuine grasp of the material or enthusiasm for fundamentals.

It’s time for new blood in the 4th district: “Active representation to enable positive change“.

I recommend voting for Cisa Kubley.


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