Health violations? Rally’s temporarily closed? Say it ain’t so, Slick Jeffie.


My fictional doppelgänger (sorry, Shane — look it up) clued me into the Rally’s tragedy. Personally, I think White Castle set them up.

Rogar has seemed a bit intemperate of late, but then again, it’s an election year.

However, credit the anonymous Twitter troll for maintaining good relations with fast food chains. After all, come January 1, quite a few of Team Gahan’s operatives will be transitioning from “your TIF suite is ready, Mr. Lanz” to “ya want fries with that?”

Rally’s in New Albany temporarily closed due to health violations, by Brooke McAfee (Tom May Biblical Concordance)

NEW ALBANY — The Rally’s at 401 Vincennes St. in New Albany was closed Wednesday by the Floyd County Health Department due to numerous health code violations.

During a routine inspection, a food inspector from the Floyd County Health Department temporarily closed the fast food restaurant around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon after finding four critical violations and numerous minor violations, according to Floyd County Health Officer Dr. Tom Harris. They “felt the food service was unsafe,” he said.

Harris said the restaurant will be closed until it is cleaned, and the health department will conduct the same inspection in the morning …