GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Did Team Gahan really eject former mayor James Garner from its campaign kickoff love-in last Saturday?


The Green Mouse received this shocking note from an attendee at Slick Jeffie’s campaign kickoff Saturday, which was held at Warren Nash’s neglected downtown building on Bank Street, where generations of right-wing Democrats have gathered to plot the division of the patronage spoils, and an occasion for the many assembled municipal employees to gladly sing love songs to their beloved benefactor far into the night.

The note received by the Green Mouse has been edited slightly to protect the Mouse’s source.

“At some point I saw (former mayor) James Garner, and I thought good, this means we’re past the primary, and the party can get back together again, but then the mayor’s son-in-law (Chris Gardner) and police chief (Todd) Bailey went over and started barking orders at Garner. I could only hear some of what they were saying — they were telling him to leave! I couldn’t believe it, chasing an ex-mayor and a lifelong Democrat away from the kickoff. I mean what have we become? Are we Democrats or some sort of gangsters?”

That’s a good question.

You’d think Adam Dickey would see the merit in Garner’s presence, so maybe the Don Corleone “offer to leave which you can’t refuse” routine was Gahan’s own feeble idea. He’s prone to fits of rage, you know.

Heaven forbid, is Dickey’s iron grip on the party apparatus finally fading?

Wait — not THAT iron grip.


Has anyone inspected that building lately?

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