Return of the Fork in the Road public art installation — bad location, but it’s Gahanism, after all.


I’m told this is a “dry fitting” to get the base calibrated (thanks, E; also thanks to K for the tip). It’s a horrendous location; there’s no “fork in the road,” and the installation will be overshadowed by the parking garage, but in New Gahania we save the best spots for the most generic structures — because that’s how pay-to-play gets done, whippersnapper.

Like here. Think of it as an easel for Dogs Playing Poker, and you get an idea of the mayor’s aesthetic sensibility.

Although it looks like Team Gahan spoke with “forked” tongues.

GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Sources suggest the farmers market is a likely location for the fork in the road’s resurrection.

#DrainTheGahanSwamp #DitchTheGahanClique